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Post Number:#1  Postby booeymom » Tue Sep 04, 2007 10:19 am

Hi everyone,

A couple of you requested a list of commonly-used abbreviations. Thinking there must be others who feel the same way, we came up w/ a list that includes not just internet lingo but also stuff specific to our usage e.g. SEB for Slippery Elm Bark.

If you ever wish to refer to it, click here:
Can be accessed from the opening page of the forum. It didn't fit w/ anything else, so made it into its own category. It's marked *New* for now to help flag it.

And now that we have a listing of abbreviations, we can continue to add to it. Since this won't be a forum w/ continued activity in it, I didn't link it to the email bridge so you wouldn't have received it by individual email.

Should have done this sooner, eh. Love the idea of no more writing out the same ole same ole Slippery Elm Bark and so many other things in each and every post, whatta relief :whew!

Please refer to this list from now on, and if you can think of additions, please let us know privately so we can continue to expand on it.
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