Information on Sandy's book and how to purchase it.

Information on Sandy's Book: "Whole Health for Happy Cats: A Guide to Keeping Your Cat Naturally Healthy, Happy, and Well-Fed"

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As a new member (or current member) of our Community, you might not be aware that Sandy has an awesome book on natural cat care: "Whole Health for Happy Cats - A Guide to Keeping Your Cat Naturally Healthy, Happy, and Well-Fed".

In order to purchase the book, you can get it online, but since Sandy receives no royalties from any of those sales we are posting this here to request that folks contact Sandy and purchase it directly from her.


Shawn and I and many members have Sandy's book. It is refreshingly up-to-date and filled with meticulously researched content in a visually appealing, easy-to-read format. Raw diet, flower essences, natural first-aid, homeopathic remedies, and so much more.

You can read the Table of Contents:

Look at a sample page:


Library Journal:


Animal Wellness:

More information on the book:

"If it were a simple choice, many people would choose to treat and care for their pets with natural therapies. Unfortunately, most cat care-givers find the expectations and requirements of natural pet health care fairly imposing and outside their reality in regards to cat care. Unlike the other resources on the subject, Whole Health for Happy Cats provides readers with the basic information to enable them to ask the right questions as well as find the right answers for their cat and their lifestyle. For individuals interested in caring for their cat without the use of drugs or chemicals, Whole Health for Happy Cats will enable them to incorporate holistic treatments into their lifestyle and benefit from reduced health care costs and a longer and healthier life for their cat. Although the book's approach is organic, it also presents well-documented health facts and research so that cat owners can make the very best decisions for their cat's lifelong health and well-being."

Snippets of only a few independent reviews from some readers that purchased the book online:

"Sandy Arora's book, "Whole Health for Happy Cats," fills the void that has existed for so long on my bookshelves. She demonstrates herself to be articulate and informative--(it appears she has good background and training in research methodology),-- backing up her information with plenty of documentation, references, and resources.
Being interested in nutrition most of my life, I truly appreciate her guidance on diet. In particular, her knowledge of raw feeding transcends most of what is being offered up by the expert gurus. Here is a lady who really understands what "species appropriate" means (without being dictatorial about it). "

"I am at a loss to describe how fantastic I think this book, since I am hardly ever at a loss for words, let me try: it is *especially* informative with regards to information on using more natural means to care for our kitties by the use of a more natural meat-based diet and holistic/homeopathic remedies (just to name a couple examples ~ 'cause it is jam-packed with tons of info), it is easy to read and understand for us "lay persons" not well-versed in homeopathy, the presentation is thoughtfully well-laid out, the photos are incredible, it is too hard to put down <sigh> because you become so engrossed in it, it is colorful ~ where most kitty books in the genre of holistic/homeopathic are somewhat dull by comparison, and you want to keep reading and reading and learning and learning!"

"It is so wonderful to finally have a current, throughly researched book on natural cat care. So many other books either treat cats like they are little dogs, or they are simply outdated."

"Over the years, I have read and consulted many animal and cat care resources for a variety of reasons. I first got into holistic animal care when my best friend, Nina the cat, was dying and no traditional vet could help & I had no clue about this stuff. Since then, I discovered numerous books but none has been as informative and up-to-date as this one.

Not only is the information coming from both personal experience and from veterinary approved sources, but Sandy Arora speaks to you in her book as a compassionate, understanding friend who wants to help & has been in your shoes many times."

"I just finished reading Sandy's new book last night & it is wonderful.
It is a very easy read w/clear info. Finally, a book that includes info regarding a species appropriate raw diet that is specific to a feline's nutritional needs. The photos are beautiful, as well. I think this book would be good for anyone who loves cats, not just those who prefer to practice holistic care. I encourage anyone who cares about kitties to
invest in this economical resource chocked full of important &
interesting cat-specific info."

"I love my cats and always want to do what is best for them. Imagine my surprise when the author proved logically to me that I wasn't helping keep my pets happy and healthy.
One of my cats has food allergies, and I thought I would have to deal with his sensitive stomach for the rest of his life (15+ years, hopefully). My other cat is overweight. Now they are on a raw diet (commercially produced). Even though it took some persistence, both cats are healthier and happier. Our sensitive stomach cat has thrown up a grand total of once in the last six weeks (when he started the raw diet); he used to throw up at least every other day, even on the hypoallergenic food. Our fat cat has lost weight and has much more energy. She still gets dry food at night, but we treat it like dessert and she only gets a tiny amount.
Both cats also have terribly anxiety about going to the vet. We have successfully used Rescue Remedy (suitably diluted) to calm their stress. My vet thinks I'm crazy, but she can't argue with the results.
Thanks, Ms. Arora, for helping me improve my cats' quality of life. If my cats are happy, I'm happy."
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