Commercial and Cooked diets

Although this is a pro-rawfeeding site (and a lot more), we recognize that there are lots of reasons why it is not feasible for everyone to feed a raw diet. To that end, there are 3 articles in this category - one on a cooked diet for those not quite ready to make the plunge into a raw diet yet, one on how to go about choosing one of the better canned commercial cat foods, and another on the pitfalls of kibble.

Thankfully, these days there are plenty of excellent choices when it comes to commercial canned food e.g. Nature's Variety Instinct, Wellness and Merrick grain-free, By Nature's Organics, etc. There is no excuse for feeding psychedelic or even monochromatic kibble to cats. It's wrong on so many levels. Please do not feed your cat dry food, period; here's why.

If you're just not ready to feed raw, why not give cooking a try? Done properly, it's superior to a commercial diet.

Although cats' nutritional needs are rather unique, they aren't particularly hard to satisfy if one sticks to meat. Because meat is an expensive ingredient, we get cheap harmful ingredients from far too many manufacturers, instead of what should be in commercial food: