We are a caring community of dedicated cat lovers committed to helping each other with our beloved felines, using gentle methods. Holisticat. The name says it all.

Holisticat discussion groups (or forums) are unique, and characterized by:

  • An extremely high signal-to-noise ratio. The Kitty Krew works hard to keep the list pruned and organized so that members can find information without wading through a lot of off-topic chatter or fruitless searches due to inconsistent terminology or meaningless subject lines.
  • Strong focus on facts rather than supposition. Though publicly available scientific research may be difficult to find sometimes, members try to avoid conclusions based solely on assumptions or other ideas floating around without any basis in fact.
  • Warmth and emotional support. Whether a member is nursing a "tiny tiger" back to health or easing a dear friend's passage over the Rainbow Bridge, we can all use some good wishes now and then.
  • A truly (w)holistic approach. The "Right tool for the job" - Diet, homeopathy, aromatherapy, allopathy, etc., as needed to address the problem. Note: drugs however are typically not suggested as a first choice, more of a last resort
  • Coverage of all things cat - nutrition (not just rawfeeding, but grainless canned commercial food is accepted as well), emotional, and health issues with a focus on prevention.
  • Complete member privacy with e-mail addresses never shared or sold. Spam protection measures tightly enforced.

And last, but not least, no annoying ads for chemicals and kibble!  In fact, there are no ads or affiliations of any kind.