Healing Methods

This section contains 4 articles on healing methods for your cats - one each on flower essences and herbs, and two on homeopathy with 3 on what not to do - vaccinations, use of essential oils (a big no-no), and other stuff bad for cats.

Aromatherapy? No, we're not talking about lighting candles and simmering potpourri for your kitty! Classically, aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils. Essential oils are extracted from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, seeds and bark of many different plants, and while their most obvious property is that they are aromatic, it is these "oils" which act as the plant's immune system- fighting off bacteria, viruses, yeasts, molds, and other insects.

Vaccination is not as widely and unquestionably accepted today as it was in the past. Many pet guardians and veterinarians believe we have taken the concept much farther than its usefulness warrants. In twenty years of veterinary practice, I have made the transition from believing strongly in the protective power of vaccines to becoming continually more certain that they create at least as much illness as they have ever prevented. In truth, I now consider vaccination to be tantamount to animal abuse in most cases.

Flower essences are quite different from both hydrosols and herbal extracts. Flower essences are prepared by infusing flower petals at the peak of their bloom in spring water.

A common preparation method for flower essences is for water petals to be soaked in spring or artesian well water and placed in direct sunlight for around three hours. Sometimes the bowls are left out to absorb energy from the moon and the stars. This infusion is believed to hold a plant's healing vibrational energy or life-force.

Contrary to the belief that cats are tough, they are in fact quite delicate partly because their livers simply do not process food and supplements they way ours do. With cats, when it doubt, leave it out. Hope the following caveats and cautions regarding herbs, essential oils, alcohol, and preservatives help fellow cat lovers.

Things to be careful about e.g. alcohol in tinctures, and details on which herbs are unsafe. Also information on which herbs are okay to use.

In some cases it's best to avoid certain things altogether e.g. preservatives, additives, essential oils, and vaccinations. Hope these 3 articles help you navigate this minefield.

Whether you're new to gentle healing modalities or an old-hand at it, hope you find these 4 articles on homeopathy, herbs, and flower essences helpful enough to incorporate.