Homeopathy, Herbs, and Flower Essences

Whether you're new to gentle healing modalities or an old-hand at it, hope you find these 4 articles on homeopathy, herbs, and flower essences helpful enough to incorporate.

Flower essences are quite different from both hydrosols and herbal extracts. Flower essences are prepared by infusing flower petals at the peak of their bloom in spring water.

A common preparation method for flower essences is for water petals to be soaked in spring or artesian well water and placed in direct sunlight for around three hours. Sometimes the bowls are left out to absorb energy from the moon and the stars. This infusion is believed to hold a plant's healing vibrational energy or life-force.

First things first - while homeopathy comes under the umbrella term "holistic", anything holistic is not homeopathic. Homeopathy is quite unique and decidedly different from herbal medicine or flower essences.

In modern medicine, symptoms are seen as the enemy, as the disease itself. Homeopathy, in contrast, recognizes that symptoms are merely the evidence, the manifestations or signposts, of the disease. While medicine seeks to destroy the symptoms, homeopathy challenges the underlying disease.

Some herbs for cats, excerpted from the article "Top Ten Herbs For Cats", by Gregory L. Tilford and Mary Wulff-Tilford. From Natural Cat, Fancy Publications, 1999. )