Food offerings been snubbed by your kitty? It's happened to the best of us, so pick yourself up and move on. You can do it:) Check this article for reasons why your (non)cooking might have left something to be desired, and use the following cheat ingredients:

Goodies that can be mixed in raw, or used as a topping to entice cats to eat

Pigpen eagerly grabbing meat treats from Papa J's hand

  • Hard Italian cheese such as parmesan, asiago, pecorino, and romano; some cats prefer cheddar, so whatever cheese your cat likes is fine
  • Real bacon bits
  • Unsalted butter
  • Clarified butter also known as Ghee
  • Lard
  • Dried meat of any kind e.g. liver - powder form, or crumbled from cubes (can bake in oven or use a dehydrator)
  • Fresh sliced or blended/liquidized raw liver
  • Cooked chicken or turkey breast/leg cut up into small chunks
  • Bonito fish flakes
  • Crushed commercial cat treats e.g. We Pity the Kitty dried salmon
  • Ground beef dust powder (some butchers provide this; commercially, there's Rosie's brand)
  • Nitrate-free, minimally processed deli meat such as Boarshead turkey or ham
  • Baby food meat such as Gerber and Beechnut (without onion powder or broth as cats can have serious problems with anemia when fed onions)
  • Canned salmon or mackerel with crushed-up bones e.g. Vital Choice and Trader Joe's brands (note - they are not balanced in terms of Ca:P)
  • Canned sardines in water e.g. Brunswick brand
  • Water from canned salmon or from people tuna but not the tuna itself as it can lead to a Vitamin E deficiency and cause a serious skin disease known as Steatitis
  • Nutritional or Brewer's yeast e.g. Swanson Vitamins brand

Anything that your cat considers a treat e.g. avocado, cantaloupe or watermelon which for some reason many cats like and although it isn't ideal food it isn't going to hurt them either.

As long as these are very small in amount, and 95+% of your cat's diet is meat, organs, and bones, it's not the end of the world to add a treat to cats' raw food. So don't feel bad if this is the only way you can get your kitty to accept raw; we do what we can, right?