Why a raw diet, and how to prepare it..

How to feed kitty right. Watch for additional articles on fiber, calcium:phosphorous, pre-made raw diets, etc.

Usually we recommend cats eat smaller prey with lighter bones, but Lee's Jespah has other ideas

While still not enough is known at this time about a cat's exact nutritional requirements (such as the exact ideal ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids to Omega 6), this much we do know - they have always been, and continue to be obligate carnivores with carbohydrate requirement of no more than 5%.

Food offerings been snubbed by your kitty? It's happened to the best of us, so pick yourself up and move on. You can do it:) Check this article for reasons why your (non)cooking might have left something to be desired, and use the following cheat ingredients:

Pork chunks Recipe

This recipe is for those kitties who like their meat cut up into chunks, as opposed to ground-up. It is better for cats as it gives their jaws a bit of a workout. Not as much as with raw meaty bones or whole prey but it's something. My cats prefer chunks to ground, so this is what I feed on non-whole prey days.

Since different meats and veggies have varying amounts of calcium and phosphorus, it is imperative that you first determine how much calcium and phosphorous there is in a given type of meat so that you can then calculate how much calcium to add to a lb of meat to attain the ideal Ca:Phos ratio which ranges from 1.2 - 1.4 Ca: 1 Phos We have a calculator available to forum members that does this very easily.